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Six Bend Kicker

Six Bend Kicker

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-Designed for the Batwing Fairing Touring Bikes

-Traditional Bends provide a classic look combined with unmatched comfort.

-Manufactured out of T304 ornamental grade Stainless Steel and CNC mandrel bent

-Our hand polished stainless steel finish gives the appearance of chrome but with the durability of stainless.

-Notched and slotted for internal wiring and throttle by wire (TBW). Will also fit non-TBW models

-Specs: 36" tip to tip with 6.5" pullback. Available in 10",12",14" and 16" rises

-2014-present: 10" and 12" tall bars can be installed without replacing your brake and clutch. All that is needed is a wire extension kit